WOD 5/30/09

The Big 31!

31 Burpees

31 Swings (55/35)

31 Pull Ups

31 DB Cleans (35/25)

31 Push Ups

31 Wall Ball (20/14)

So, one of our members is turning 31 on Sunday! In honor of that, we are going to have an early party on Saturday – who says birthday parties aren’t fun! Instead of cake & ice cream, it’s going to be chalk and water – enjoy.

2 thoughts on “WOD 5/30/09

  1. scott shaughnessy

    Great Birthday present CFC, thanks again. Today, I felt a year older and it showed in the WOD. Aaron thought it would be a good idea for me to do kettle swings at 75lbs(which means I can neer go back to 55). Everything about it was hypoxic, starting and ending with everyones favs, burpess and wallballs…so cool. Aaron and I worked on cleans/jerks however I only went up to 95lbs….I was blown out of the water on “Big 31” metcon. time: 13:36. I think Ill take a cheat day tomorrow. Yup. Lates

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