WOD 6/9/09

4 Rounds

25 Front Squats (45)

25 Push Ups

25 Lunges (per leg-50 total)

25 Sit Ups

Do front squats with an empty bar. If you need to scale up, go to 65 Lbs, but no more. You can use 25 Lb DB’s in each hand if you are sans barbell. Do the push ups, then do 25 lunges per leg for a total of 50. Hit the sit ups and repeat the cycle 2 more times.

Something we have been doing at the box for a while now, is practicing a “Movement of the Week”. Allison and I pick a movement and spend the entire week working on it with every class for about 10-15 minutes in the beginning. Some people get it more than once, others get it once or twice. This helps refine form and technique in many movements in which we see flaws. This week we are working on the Deadlift. I would recommend you do the same – it will help tremendously.

With the DL, I recommend starting with a very light and manageable weight and then working up to about 80% or so of your 1RM. Sets of 5 are a good rep scheme to work by. Go heavier if you feel spunky, but leave some in the tank for the WOD. Follow a similar path with other movements you may work on in the future.

Don’t forget to stretch – dynamic ROM stretches pre-WOD and static PNF stretches post-WOD.


5 thoughts on “WOD 6/9/09

  1. Deb

    I”m sore already from this one and it’s only been since this morning. Worried for tomorrow and the next day!! Will somebody come over and help me up the stairs???

  2. Tom - SnoRidge CF

    Love the idea of the movement of the week! We already incorporated rotating elements of Scott’s warm-up that he learned at Catalyst. Keep up the great stuff you guys!

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