WOD 6/19/09

21 Swings (55/35)

21 Box Jumps

21 Pull Ups

200m Sprint

15 Box Jumps

15 Pull Ups

15 Swings

200m Sprint

9 Pull Ups

9 Swings

9 Box Jumps

200m Sprint

Good times to  be had by all. Short, hard and sweet. Please take notice of the order of the movements in each round. Hit it!

3 thoughts on “WOD 6/19/09

  1. Hey all,

    My name is Jonathan Priem and I am a student at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a member of the NROTC program here (Marine Option) and am getting ready to go to OCS next summer. In our program we have an extended Marine Corps PT session to get us acquainted with someone yelling in our face, while we attempt to lead our peers. I was staying in shape by doing crossfit main site, but happen to stumble upon your site. This is exactly what I was looking for in my crossfit workouts! Much more intensity and some heavy lifting to boot on the same day. I just wanted to thank you guys for having an outstanding crossfit site. Keep sending the pain, and I’ll keep bringing it!

    Semper Fi
    MIDN 2/C Priem

  2. You are most welcome, Jon. I am glad we can contribute to our nation’s finest. Our gym is made up largely of soldiers, past & present, as well as LEO and Public Safety folks, so our prgramming reflects what needs are most important and useful for all of us. Feel free to drop us a line if and when you may have any questions – we’d be happy to help!

    Take care and keep up the great work! – Ian

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