WOD 6/21/09

Rest Day! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

We have had a good week of work at the box, so make sure you take some time to relax, stretch, unwind and do something outside of CrossFit.

I am always impressed by our athletes. This week we got to watch Jeff Pearson hammer out a fully legit “Helen” in 7:14 ! For those in the know, sub-7 is a very elite standard. Jeff is right on the cusp of that and in a couple of months, we will go at it again, film it and watch him go under the 7 minute bar and post it for the world to see. Jeff has worked his ass off in the box, improving his strength to improve his overall athleticism. I would like to take credit and say our programming is all it takes to get dialed in, but it’s not just that. Jeff took the time to really scrutinize proper form, pay attention to detail, work hard and then added one of the most important pieces, a Paleo diet. With all these pieces of the puzzle in place, Jeff has become dangerous!

When we ran through “Helen” the other day, each one of the participants – Deb, Jon, Kim, Aaron, Scott, and Jeff – each posted new PR’s by at least a couple minutes. Kim was right on Jeff’s butt, finishing a few seconds back. Kim will be our first sub-7 female without a doubt. Jon, Deb, Scott and Aaron all lopped off two minutes or more from their times to prove that their hard work is paying off nicely in the form of increased work capacity and athleticism.

All of our folks are hitting big numbers! Long, lean and strong as hell, Trent is killing times and getting faster and faster each WOD he puts in. He is another monster in the making. Jean and Athena were hitting new PR’s in their presses the other day, going over the amount I had told them to aim for! 

” Badger” Scott has come a very long way and came in at the front a couple days straight in his WOD’s. His strength, stamina, and ability are tenfold what they were when he walked in the doors. Awesome stuff!

Joe R. walks in nervous as hell, waiting to get his ass handed to him, but he guts it out and fights like a warrior. His tenacity shows and the results follow. Joe puts his best effort forward each time and walks out a better person for it.

Ali may be new to the box, but not to CrossFit and it shows. His willingness to learn and a strong sense of athleticism is making him move right along. Strong movements and a sharp mind keep Ali moving forward each workout and skill session. 

He may be a fireman, but Eric B. is one strong hombre ! Watching Eric move very large loads on a barbell with impeccable form and a constant desire to improve, is awesome. Then to see him give 110% in a harsh MetCon, going up against some younger hammerheads, and holding his own is inspiring!

Nothing puts a smile on the face of Allison and I then to see our female clients find new strength and confidence in their abilities. We can’t help but smile when Janice L., Mo Ferry, or Miste deadlift a weight that they said they wouldn’t be able to do, and then see the look on their faces when it comes up three times in a row!

As we have stated before, we aren’t in this game to make money. We are here because we enjoy learning about human performance and to help people achieve their goals in fitness and health. If money comes out of it, so be it, but it’s just icing on the cake. As a trainer and athlete, we work to remain competitive and strive to be role models for our clients in our athletic and dietary endeavors. However, the success of our clients in more important than ours.

I had heard that I may need to “step up my game” to get my times back down below those of my clients. Sure, I would love to improve on my 7:42 “Helen”, but it’s not that important in the long run and it’s definitely not as rewarding as watching a client hit higher numbers as they get stronger, fitter, and faster. I personally feel one of the biggest compliments that can be given to a coach or trainer, is to make your athletes better than you are or were. A coach should hold nothing back – knowing the secrets to their own success and the pitfalls that held them back as an athlete, they should impart those tid bits of knowledge upon their athletes and push them to be better. With strong guidance like that, it should be easily attainable and as a good coach, there should be no ego involved in the matter. It’s not about “me” or “us”, it’s all about “you’ or “them”.

So, to ALL of our clients, you are very inspiring to Allison and I in your desire, dedication and determination. We appreciate your hard work and willingness to learn and fight to be the best. It makes what we do worth more than money! Keep up the friggin’ great work!

Eric B. - Forging some serious Elite Fitness
Eric B. - Forging some serious Elite Fitness
Ali - Killing the pull Ups!
Ali - Killing the pull Ups!
Joe R. - The shirt says it all!
Joe R. - The shirt says it all!

2 thoughts on “WOD 6/21/09

  1. JeffP

    Thanks for the encouragement, Ian. It’s easy to work hard when you are surrounded by great coaches and athletes. I’ve improved more in the last 6 weeks than I did in 6 months doing x-fit on my own. Good times!

  2. Badger

    Thanks for the props brother. You and Allison have completely changed the way I think about diet/fitness and how it impacts every facet of your life.

    If it wasn’t for your dedication to your co-workers and clients… I would still be the overweight lazy guy you met a few years ago.

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