WOD 7/31/09

200m Run

20 Thrusters (95/65)

400m Run

15 Thrusters

800m Run

10 Thrusters


Mmmm-mmmm tasty! I can smell the charred corpses now! No really, it’ll be fun!

We saw some badass performances in the box today. I watched “the Scott” pull off a 3:29 “Fran” with tow other witnesses to the effort. I was filming it and then the battery died, but you’ll have to believe me. Also, the Split Jerks were getting nailed by the whole group today. New clients, Parsha, Denise and Shane were hitting the movements beautifully! Athena had it down to a science as well!  Rob split jerked 165 and then after finishing that pulled a 7:36 2000 Meter row!! That is fast! Awesome work to all of our folks today!

Shane - Getting under the bar!
Shane - Getting under the bar!
Badger - Solid!
Badger - Solid!
Rob - Semper Fi, do or die!
Rob - Semper Fi

WOD 7/30/09

3 Rounds – 2 Min rest between rounds

3 Strict Press (95/135)

6 Push Press

9 Split Jerks

A tad lower on the intensity scale today due to the past couple of WOD’s. Practice your splits up front if you are not up on them. Once you are done, finish up with some heavy Waiter Walks. This WOD won’t kill you, but screwing around on a jungle gym at the local park just might….hehehe… (inside joke).

Get on it!

WOD 7/29/09

AMRAP 20 Min.

200m Run

20 Push Ups

10 Pull Ups

20 Dips

10 Knees to Elbows

This is treat that I did a long time back with good friends Danny MacAuliffe and Anthony Paonessa. It was a brute. You should find it quite enjoyable.


Brian - This guy gets stronger and faster every time he walks in the door.
Brian - This guy gets stronger and faster every time he walks in the door.

WOD 7/28/09

5 sets of Isometric Pull Up holds

– Hold as long as possible w/90 degree bend in arm.

-Upon failure, do 5/4/3/2/1 Full pull ups.

rest 5 Minutes

5 Rounds

30 Swings

20 GHD Sit Ups

 Start with isometric Pull up holds. Grab the bar, hang from it in a bent arm position and hold it as long as possible.  Upon failure, do 5 pull ups any way you want or can -assisted, jumping, kip, strict. Do it again, this time doing 4 pull ups after failure. Then again with 3 Pull Ups after failure and so on. Firebreathers should be doing L-Pull Up holds and double the pull up numbers after failure. Isometric work like this is often forgotten about, but it builds very good strength and athleticism on many fronts.

Then rest and hit the MetCon. Remember, midline stability is key here, so lock in the midsection in the swings. We are hammering the hips in a forceful opening and closing position in these two movements. GO!

Perseverance - Jennie and Mel
Perseverance - Jennie and Mel