WOD 7/2/09

3-3-3-1-1-1 Push Press

Rest 5-10 Min

5 Rounds

25 Sit Ups

15 Box Jumps

25 Back Extension


Self explanatory. If you don’t have a GHD machine or similar for back extensions, do Good Mornings or Stiff Legged Deadlifts at light weight.

Get some!

One thought on “WOD 7/2/09

  1. EVOC in the hizzie

    Marty (hold my guts in) Dighero: 12:00
    Ken (I have no idea where I’m working tomorrow)Harlan: 14:04
    Rick (Ken took a nut shot with my phone) Angle: 9:50
    Richard (my hair doesn’t move) Deap 11:20
    Tat (but I have no tats): 15:40
    Mark(I want to ride my bicycle)Alley: 16:46

    Well done all!

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