WOD 7/9/09

7-7-5-5-3-3-1-1  Bench Press

Rest 5-10 Min.

AMRAP 12 min

200m Sprint

25 Air Squats

A lot of folks don’t like programming the Bench Press, however, I feel differently and think it is a very viable movement as it relates to fitness and real world application of force. This rep scheme is out of context with our current triple to single progression, but that is due to the fact a bench press at those numbers will most likely not elicit the strength response & adaptation we are after due to the large involvement of outside muscle groups and the low total valume. This rep scheme should make it a bit more useful in developing some strength.

Finish that up, rest a bit and then do the MetCon portion. Get on it!

Kristy and Eric
Kristy and Eric

5 thoughts on “WOD 7/9/09

  1. scott shaughnessy

    Bench: 7@225, 7@235, 5@245, 5@255, 3@260, 3@265, 1@270, 1@275. Metcon; AMRAP in 10mins, 7 rounds+run, 1 second behind Kim and 25 squats behind Trent.

  2. Scott Shaughnessy

    I’m wiped out….I’m takig thr rest of the week off. I can’t remember thr last time being this sore…my traps are toast (from swinging the 72lb kettlebells) and my quads are annilated from the 2 days of front squats. Don’t worry, I cashed in my cheat day and ate filet, lamb, and chocolate cake…oh, and 3 glasses of wine. Bahhhhh! Get some suckaz.

  3. I hear ya Scott….My body is toast. I haven’t been this sore in along time. I might have to do something tomorrow just so I don’t completely freeze up. Have a great weekend…Tell Kelli we say hello!…:-)~Allison

    Anyone else feel our Pain?

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