Amador SWAT visits CFC!

On Tuesday, Allison and I had the opportunity to conduct a day of PT for the Amador County Sheriff’s Dept. SWAT Team. Having worked in SWAT and K9, both tactical and physically demanding assignments for long stretches in my career, I was excited to get to spend some time with ACSO SWAT and look at how we could get better at what we do.

We were fortunate enough to have 7 team members present and we put them through a team WOD designed with movements specifically implemented to replicate real life scenarios and movements. Upon completing the initial workout, we discussed CrossFit and the concept of functional fitness as it relates to Law Enforcement and tactical units. From there we moved onto teaching the 9 Fundamental Movements in CrossFit, followed by a 7 minute “Cindy” to wrap  up the day. All in all, the team did great, worked their butts off, and showed great promise and potential in the movements and furthering their fitness.

The initial workout consisted of a 5 man team running 4oom, while carrying a 85 Lb heavy bag. Each team member had to carry the bag for a short distance at some point. Upon coming back into the gym, the next task was 2 rounds of 7 Pull Ups and 7 Burpees. Teammates who finished early had to hold a plank position until the others finished up. From there it was a final 400m sprint and heavy bag carry back to the gym where the clock stopped.

The goal of this exercise was to create a strong team concept through working together and also to demonstrate how movements in a “workout” can be related to actual activities a Peace Officer would face in the field. In this case, deadlifting/cleaning a body into a carry position. Working under load to carry the body over a long distance, 2 rounds of climbing over fences or up over objects, a fight or wrestling match with a suspect and then a secondary deadlift/clean and carry.

It was a pleasure to work with ACSO SWAT and we look forward to doing it again in the future. A big thanks to Deputies Redman, Rice, Cardoza, Cone, Parks, Moon and Stone for coming out and putting up with Allison and I. Also, thanks to Undersheriff Wegner and Deputy Mendonsa for putting this event together and giving us the opportunity to work with you all!

I will be posting pics of the day in the Photo Gallery in the upcoming days, so please check back soon!

Team 1 - (L-R) U.S. Wegner, Deputies Mendonsa, Moon, Redman and Cardoza.
Team 1 - (L-R) U.S. Wegner, Deputies Mendonsa, Moon, Redman and Cardoza.
Team 2 - (L-R) SSD Deputy Carver, ACSO Deputies Parks, Rice, Stone and Cone.
Team 2 - (L-R) SSD Deputy Carver, ACSO Deputies Parks, Rice, Stone and Cone.

7 thoughts on “Amador SWAT visits CFC!

  1. Awesome job Ian. The more we get the word out in those circles the better. We are extremely lucky to have you in the area. You definitely have the art of programming down. I’m always impressed reading your blog.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the props, Jason. I gave the team the chance to throw on running shoes, but they chose boots! Oh well – work smarter, not harder!!

    Nice box you have in Folsom. Allison and I stopped by the other day but you guys were closed. Nice locale, nice complex, good coaching, you will do well!

    Take care, stay strong and stay safe!! — Ian

  3. Rick

    A 7km run at the games eh? Interesting! Truly CF is buidling a super human race. Glad the nazi’s never got a hold of this stuff!

    Thoughts my brother?

  4. Hey Ian, I am a SWAT Operator and the owner of C.F. Fortuna. I attempted to get in contact with you while you were up here in Humboldt County a week ago but the e-mail was fussy. Anyway, I am impressed with your programming and routinely use it here, as most of my clients are SWAT Operators with the HCSO team. The next time you are up stop by and work out with the team. We would be honored to have you and perhaps the Alley Kat show up.

    Take care.
    Greg Musson

  5. Rick – That is what I wanted to see in the Games this year. It kills me not to be there since I would have a friggin’ heyday with that run and then the events coming afterwards. That’s going to weed things out and allow some large point gaps to open. From there, it’s going to be a good mix of work efforts from really well rounded athletes this year. Man, I am jealous!!

    Greg- Thanks for the props and taking the time to check out our site. I was up in HC last week and wanted to try and drop in at ECF and your place, but I figured it would be bad form of me since my mom just underwent a double mastectomy. So, the next time I am up, I will definitely make it up and put some weight up with you guys. I don’t know if you want the Alley Cat judging us though – she’s more of a stickler than me!! 😉

    Take care, stay strong and stay safe, brother! — Ian

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