WOD 7/14/09

3-1-1-1-1 Deadlift

Rest 5-10 Min.

400m Sprint

60 Push Ups

200m Sprint

30 Push Ups

100m Sprint

10 Push Ups

We are going for 1 RM’s this week. The triple at the beginning is a formality to get the head in the game and body adjusted to the max demand about to be placed upon it. I would warm up at at light weight (75% of old 1 RM) for a few reps, then a couple more slightly heavier (85%) and then pull your triple at 90-92% of 1RM. Rest for a few then load up and go. I aim for around 105% if I am feeling strong and maintaining good form.  If you hit a PR, you can continue to make another very small increase, only if your form and ability allow it. Otherwise, hit a PR and call it a day. In fact, you may wish to top out and then pyramid down 5% for the final set. If you don’t get it today, be smart, walk away and come back to do battle another day.

Work on your POSE technique before you start your runs. Maintain that technique throughout the efforts.


Allison's wrecking crew!
Allison's wrecking crew!

9 thoughts on “WOD 7/14/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    I was a little off in my time estimation for yesterdays WOD. Today I am going to give myself a little more time…I’ll have this one done in….oh, 20 minutes…

  2. Buddy Holly

    Scott is a savage…4 minutes. Ali..I am going to pace myself…I still think 20 minutes is a good estimation….I am turtle…slow and deliberate!

  3. We had some great times in the evening classes…you all need to start posting your times. Otherwise Tuesdays will be filled with more handstands…lol By the way everyone did great with the handstand holds. I know it was pretty scary for some of you…and you all DID IT!!! Thanks for another wonderful Tuesday!!!;-)

  4. Rob – That’s some serious Deadlift weight. When you go for 400, which won’t be long, we are going to film it, so make sure we know when you are up for it. 390 is BADASS! That tops the leaderboard in the CFC box!

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