WOD 7/16/09

AMRAP 20 Minutes

 200m Sprint

15 Wall Ball (M:20/W:15)

15 Knee To Elbows

15 Swings (M:55/W:35)

15 Push Ups

Good times, good fun!

Brooke O. - OH DB Squats executed to perfection.
Brooke O. – OH DB Squats executed to perfection.


After some technical difficulties, I finally got the ACSO SWAT Training pictures posted. Take a look in the gallery and see what fitness looks like to the tactical athlete.

4 thoughts on “WOD 7/16/09

  1. EVOC in the hizzie

    Todays WOD looks painful. We had a going away WOD for two pillars of EVOC today. Ken and Mark have both come along way thanks to the guidance of CFC. Due to the county budget blunder they are leaving us. We ended their tenure at EVOC with 10 Tower climbs=50 stories, and 100 burpees. It was bitter sweet! Ian and Ali it is your drive and training that has All the EVOC crew crossfitting. Absolutely ALL of us have seen dramatic results since our first trip to your box. humbly~~~~ we thank you!

  2. Our pleasure, Rick. Kudos for you to spread the word and big props to all of the EVOC crew to jump in and work hard for the results. Ken and Mark – take care and nice work. Remember, no matter where you end up, you can always find a way to CrossFit!

    That WOD looked painful!! Ouch!!

    Buddy Holly will be doing that one instead of my “fun” WOD. I will send him over at 1730, height of the heat.

    Peace out, yo…

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