WOD 7/18/09


10 Squat Cleans (135/95 Lbs)

50 GHD Sit ups

8   Squat Cleans

40 GHD S/U

6   Squat Cleans

30 GHD S/U

4  Squat Cleans

20 GHD S/U

2  Squat Cleans

10 GHD S/U 


…And now for something completely different…I have done this with both barbell cleans and DB cleans. DB Cleans were much harder, so I’d recommend doing them that way. RX’d for DB’s is 55/35. Everything I am programming has a method to the madness, in case you were wondering. Yesterday was push/pull with hips opening and closing to create momentum on the load being moved. Today, we are opening and closing the hips again to create momentum, however, in a different plane and ROM. These are full squat cleans, so sack up and get ass to ankles on each one. If you don’t have a GHD or aren’t up to that speed yet, do the sit ups off the deck with a towel or AbMat under you.


...always watching....
...always watching....

One thought on “WOD 7/18/09

  1. Scott Shaughnessy

    Well, I got revenge on Barbara at thr station today…..2:47, 3:05, 3:18, 4:07, 5:49. Straight domination….19:06 total time. I was on thr verge of barfing.

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