WDO 7/22/09

5×5 Overhead Squats

Rest 5-10 M.

AMRAP 12m  ***

100m Sprint

25 Air Squats

15 Barbell Rows (65)


Go overhead, rest and then do some short MetCon work. When getting the bar overhead, it is best to take it out of the rack like a back squat and then jerk it overhead from behind the neck. Big tip of the day – Make sure you know how and can dump a bar from overhead if it goes wrong. A lot of people think it’s easy just to let go of the bar, but when it comes down to it, the mind will keep you hanging on until your shoulders go “POP” or the bar falls on your head. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO DUMP A BAR – DON”T EVER TRY AND SAVE A BAR! Practice this skill – it may seem simple, but it will become way less intimidating once you do it. Don’t have bumper plates? Yet another reason to leave the globo  gym silliness behind and find your local affiliate.

If you don’t have another bar for bent over barbell rows, use two DB’s. This is a forceful contraction of the rear shoulder girdle and scapula. Keep the knees bent slightly, the lower back flat or slightly arched and head neutral. Pull the bar to just below the breast line.

*** Change in programming. I did not like the way this went this morning, so I am putting air squats in place of the Deadlifts.

Get on it!

Sara W. - Always giving 110% - Gutting out yesterday's WOD.
Sara W. - Always giving 110% - Gutting out yesterday's WOD.

3 thoughts on “WDO 7/22/09

  1. Hi Russell – I left that open ended for the purpose of getting people to stay lighter than they think. If I were to assign a value, I’d be aiming for around 50% of my 1 RM on the Deads. On the rows, most folks will start to lose form above 115, unless they are very experienced or strong. So, take that into consideration as well. I hope that helps!


  2. scott shaughnessy

    OHS; 5@105, 5@115, 5@125, 5@130, 5@130, Metcon; Deads@185, Barbell Pulls@115….Hard, I only got through 5 rows on my 5th rounds. Whew..tomorrow, Ill be sporting my new snoridge crossfit shirt. And if anyone knows, if you look good, then you play good right?

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