WOD 7/25/09


I am BEAT! We had a great turnout for the Dietary Seminar, BBQ and movie time this afternoon! Thanks to all who took the time to come out and hopefully I didn’t offend anyone too badly with my point blank, opinionated points of view. I hope all of you who came out were able to take something valuable from the seminar and can put it to use in your personal lives. Thanks again!

Here’s a cool video of Josh Everett at the 2009 CrossFit Games in the Deadlift Competition. The competition was a 1RM Deadlift starting a 315 and getting 10 Lbs heavier each bar. The athletes were given 20 seconds to make the lift and move on to the next bar, until they failed. The weights topped out at 505. This is a pure picture of intensity. If you know or have ever met Josh, you will know he is very quiet, polite and reserved. Watch this video and you see the intensity of a purebred athlete emerge. While others struggle, Josh tops out and makes it look easy. Freaky….

Josh Deadlift .wmv

Josh Deadlift .mov

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