WOD 7/30/09

3 Rounds – 2 Min rest between rounds

3 Strict Press (95/135)

6 Push Press

9 Split Jerks

A tad lower on the intensity scale today due to the past couple of WOD’s. Practice your splits up front if you are not up on them. Once you are done, finish up with some heavy Waiter Walks. This WOD won’t kill you, but screwing around on a jungle gym at the local park just might….hehehe… (inside joke).

Get on it!

4 thoughts on “WOD 7/30/09

  1. OK, the one time he should be yappin’ away and he’s silent. …. Scott did Fran today and shaved over a minute off of his time to finish in 3:29! This is after the days WOD! It was bitchin’ and I got all of about 10 seconds of it on film until the camera battery died – but we still had 3 witnesses!

    Nice work, Scott! For everyone else, Tuesday is the “the” day!

    Oh yeah, I think Kim just called you out, Scott!! DOH!!

  2. LOL, yeah, I think the fog finally cleared from my head after FRAN today. Usually I have to pullover and text in my blog post within 5 minutes….Whoa, I think that was one of the hardest WOD’s mentally yet. I was super lighted headed. With that being said, I am ready for FRAN part 2 on Tuesday, cough cough..KIM….who knows, I might even do another WOD after like CHRISTINE or ANGIE? By the way thanks for putting me through the pain. CFC rules! I think Im gonna lay low until next Tuesday…oh wait, Ive got 3 days of hiking at the station. Damn, don’t they know its cramping my crossfit style.

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