WOD 7/31/09

200m Run

20 Thrusters (95/65)

400m Run

15 Thrusters

800m Run

10 Thrusters


Mmmm-mmmm tasty! I can smell the charred corpses now! No really, it’ll be fun!

We saw some badass performances in the box today. I watched “the Scott” pull off a 3:29 “Fran” with tow other witnesses to the effort. I was filming it and then the battery died, but you’ll have to believe me. Also, the Split Jerks were getting nailed by the whole group today. New clients, Parsha, Denise and Shane were hitting the movements beautifully! Athena had it down to a science as well!  Rob split jerked 165 and then after finishing that pulled a 7:36 2000 Meter row!! That is fast! Awesome work to all of our folks today!

Shane - Getting under the bar!
Shane - Getting under the bar!
Badger - Solid!
Badger - Solid!
Rob - Semper Fi, do or die!
Rob - Semper Fi

8 thoughts on “WOD 7/31/09

  1. Jon R.

    Who is interested in grips (to prevent ripping on pullups)? I went by Technique Gymnastics (Folsom Blvd. East of Sunrise) and they have some. They have girls/womens sizes, but unfortunately they only have mens sizes with the wooden dowel. I would assume most of us don’t want grips with the wooden dowel so we can preserve some grip strength. Check out Ragefitness.com and look at their “Rage Leather Hand Grip.” It looks like these would work. If interested in doing a group order let me know. I’ll probably order some early next week.

  2. Deb

    I”m in. Womens Large I would think. Let me know.
    By the way… can’t lift my arms above my head today. Wed and Thursday workout after a week out killed me!! Thanks Ian… I”ll be thinking of you while hobbling around super classy Reno!

  3. Jon-Looks like RAGE gives affiliate discounts…so when you call let them know you are “one of our trainers” and if they need any info let me know. I know we will be ordering a good handful. I know I want some.~Allison

  4. T$

    64.37 smoked this one….I did take a 20 min nap in between sets but really got on the second half. I thinking it will be hard to beat that time!

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