WOD 8/1/09

AMRAP 20 Min

10 Pull Ups

10 Burpees

10 Renegade Push Ups

Renegade push ups are done with a DB in each hand on the deck. Do a push up, then row the DB up on the left, then the right, do another push up, etc. They’re a hoot.


One thought on “WOD 8/1/09

  1. Scott Shaughnessy

    At the station this weekend, Did Karen today…150 wallballs shots. Time: 7:45 super hard. (Ian’s time of 5 and change is blazing) After that did 3 rounds of 10 manmakers, 20 pullups, 30 situps, 40 squats. With 2 min rest in between rds. Now the next 2 days of hiking. Lamo.

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