WOD 9/1/09

“Fight Gone to Crap”

3 rounds – 1 Min for max reps per exercise – 1 min rest between rounds

Thrusters (65/45)

Box Jumps

Swings (55/35)


Double Unders

A variation of FGB. I first saw this WOD years ago on CrossFit One World’s site. I borrowed it and have done it a couple times, however, this time I made a couple modifications. Still, props to Freddy C. for his torturous WOD. If you can’t do double unders, do jump overs above a parallete, small hurdle or child. 

If you have done FGB, then this is the same format. For those who haven’t, you will do 1 min at each exercise for max reps, immediately move to the next exercise at the end of the minute, until you get through all 5 movements. You then get a 1 minute break before doing the next 5 minute cycle. Lather, rinse, repeat one more time for a total of 15 minutes of work with two 1 minute rest periods in between. And you thought your last fight went bad!!


Eric B. - Not bad for a fireman.. ;)
Eric B. - Not bad for a fireman.. 😉

WOD 8/30/09


Rest and recover from a tough week. Get in some R&R as well as some stretching a rolling out.

We saw some crazy strong people moving around heavy weights yesterday, but what about bodyweight? Check out this stuff…

Not into the soundtrack, but the dude is crazy strong!

WOD 8/29/09

Skills and Drills

800m / 400m / 200m / 100m

We are going to tone the day back a bit with some running skill work and then some time trials at various distances. Rest for a few minutes between the runs, then get into the next one.

Once you are finished, work on Handstand Holds and then some midline stability work like Windmills or Turkish Get Ups.

Get some!

 Here is some cool footage of some VERY strong human beings.