WOD 8/8/09

Kristy - Displaying the CFC flag on an unknown peak in the Sierras. Functional fitness and a high end athlete at their best.
Kristy - Displaying the CFC flag high in the Sierras. Kristy is a shining example of tremendous gains through hard work in the gym!

Rest Day!

Nice work this past week, peeps! We had some tough WOD’s and some stellar performances to go along with them. We are proud of all of you and thank you again for your patronage. As we continue to grow and expand, we hope to always keep you enjoying your time at CFC and your hard earned fitness.

Below is a pic of Jim W. pulling some heavy weight easily – 405 Lbs to be exact. Jim picked it up like a picnic basket then turned to me to ask it it was alright! Yes, Jim it was more than alright. This is stellar work for someone who has been with us for only a couple months and prior to this, had no solid deadlift form or practice.

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