14 thoughts on “WOD 8/11/09

  1. Well since Ali wanted more legs, we’ll throw fifteen 95 Lb Front Squats in there before the SDLHP’s and after the Wall Ball. That should make Ali happy – I always want to make sure the needs of my clients are met to keep them satisfied!

  2. Buddy Holly

    Thank you for your concern….I am looking forward to the front squats. If you don’t mind…can we change the 95lb squats to 135lb squats….thanks again…

  3. Jon

    100 jump rope sprints
    21 sumo deadlift high pulls
    15 wall balls
    10 front squat

    Finished five rounds and then proceeded to pass out.

  4. Oh God, Jon! I was kidding about the front squats but you are a monster for doing it!! Take tomorrow off, you’ll want the recovery!! Nice work!

    T$ – That’s awesome you made it 6 rounds before the shatting…most folks only made it to about round 4…

  5. Matt

    A day late but it is what it is… Like T$ I made it 6 and some change. Probably not as pretty or as smooth but then again, I didn’t poop my shorts (just peed them during the second round).

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