FGB is on!

We will be down at CFES by 930 AM to sign in and help the CFES crew get ready as well as greet our CFC folks. We are looking forward to the event.

I would highly recommend bringing some extra water, sunscree, a hat and a set of sweat free clothes to change into after the event.

Here is CFES’ link about times, parking, and directions. We will see you there!

4 thoughts on “FIGHT GONE BAD IV

  1. Loren

    Ian and Allison – Looking forward to seeing you both at the FGB Fundraiser and BBQ at CF East Sac! Thanks for your support! Hope to see many of your CrossFit Centurion Fire Breathers there, too!

  2. Thanks, Loren! We are glad to be able to make it this year and are working on getting as many of our folks there as we can in some form or another. Either way, we are happy to contribute to the cause. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help out. Take care — Ian & Allison

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