WOD 8/16/09


Another good week at the box. Congrats to everyone who gutted out  some tough WOD’s.

I will put forth the comment that I hope folks aren’t “cherrypicking” their WOD’s. I program and post my WOD’s with a goal in mind and I know many other people out in CrossFit-land have gotten good results following my wacky brand of programming. That being said there are a couple things that will make you better in CrossFit and life.

1 – Tackle your weaknesses and fight your demons. If you have something you suck at, keep working at it. If it didn’t go well last time, make it go better this time. Don’t hide – it breeds a false sense of security and accomplishment. It’s okay to be nervous when you walk in the door, just maintain a positive attitude about what the end result will be. Don’t let it beat you!

2- Be as consistent as possible. If you pay for a certain number of days per week, try and make them. I understand this isn’t always going to happen, but expecting results with minimal participation and time spent in the Red Zone will get you nowhere but frustrated. I applaud those of you who make time to get away from stupid arm curls, the TV remote, or being temporarily unmotivated to make it in on a regular basis. It shows!

3 – Don’t pick the WOD’s that suit you better than others. Do as many and as much as possible. Remember, we are making you fit “across broad time and modal domains”. If that means some workouts last 12 minutes and others 45 minutes, that’s the secret. Sticking to 15 Minute’ish workouts or ones that don’t have movements in them that you suck at won’t do anything in the long run except make you good at X,Y, and Z for 15 minutes. Sure you’re “good” but your not “excellent” and we strive for excellence in CrossFit.

4- Listen to your coaches. We aren’t experts and some of us have stupid looking mustaches, but we want to impart upon you what we know, what will make things more efficient, and what will make everything safer. It may be over your head at first, but in the end it will make sense. Even if you aren’t totally into it, politely patronize us for a few minutes while we jabber away. We are always learning and refining our coaching ability and we thank you for allowing us that opportunity.

5- Try not to get sucked in by the clock. Remember, form trumps a fast time anyday when it comes to physical fitness and adaptation. Full ROM, good form and hard work will make the results. A fast time without those factors is nothing but a worthless measurement of time.

5- Don’t forget to have fun. The sense of community and fun we have as a group is what makes CrossFit what it is. We want the environment to fun and friendly with some good competition here and there. You never had that at the local globo gym. Even when it’s harder than hell, remember you are doing something that most people think is “too hard”. Revel in that and enjoy the experience.

Take the day off and relax. Roll out, chill with friends or family and get ready for the next evolution!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to donate and/or participate in the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser or I will make the WOD’s even harder until I gain full compliance. The link is on the right and all we have to show is $100 from The Cat and I. Step up and throw a couple bucks in the hat to improve someone elses life!

Mel - She's a firecracker, but we love her! Consistency and hard work are taking her places she never thought she'd be!
Mel - Consistency and hard work are taking her places she never thought she'd be!

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