WOD 8/17/09

5×5 Deadlifts

Rest 5-10 min.

2 min Jump Rope

2 Min Sit Ups (Max Reps)

90s Jump Rope

90s Sit Up

1 Min Jump Rope

1 Min Sit Ups

30s Jump Rope

30s Sit Ups


ME in the form of Deadlifts on the front end. Warm up at lower weight to get form and muscle function going. Then load up to about 78-80% 1RM and start in on the working sets. Get up to about 85-88% for top weight in the movement. This should put you at max effort on the last couple reps of the last set. Adjust accordingly. Do not DL in running shoes – go barefoot, flat soled, or oly shoes. Rest and do the MetCon. I pulled today’s from the mainsite since I liked it’s flavor.

Lastly, take a look at CrossFit NorCal’s latest blog post on their Paleo Contest winners. Several of their members went strict Paleo since the beginning of the year to see who would lose the most weight. The results are impressive to say the least! I hear a lot of people say they want to lose more weight and get to their ideal shape and composition, but unless you really put the effort forward by using a high intensity fitness program like CrossFit and cleaning up the diet, it’s not going to happen. If you are serious about living longer, stronger and healthier, then buckle in and DO IT 100%! Don’t do it half-assed, find a reason to screw it up for a weekend, keep slippin’, then complain that your diet and weight loss goals aren’t working for you and something else must be wrong with you! It isn’t as hard to leave the sweets and crap food behind as you may think. Be strict about it, have some self discipline and will power and pretty soon those cravings are a thing of the past. You will find other treats to make up for the bad stuff that are much better for you in the long run. There are some folks at CFC that have dialed in their diet to the T and the results are literally incredible, so yes it can be done and it does work. For most people, 70% of their “gym results” come from dietary changes while the rest is from the work effort. If you are on the fence, get off and do it – we will help any way we can!

"Fran was here"
“Fran was here”

P.S. – Thanks to those who donated to the FGB fundraiser! Your contributions are greatly appreciated! For those of you who haven’t, you had better hurry up or some evil, evil WOD’s are coming down the pipe!

8 thoughts on “WOD 8/17/09

  1. Jon

    Well I am a poor college student at the moment and have noticed at the grocery store that everything that is remotely healthy is significantly more expensive. I was raised a health nut, but every since I’ve been living on a poor man’s diet, its been much harder to eat right. Any suggestions on healthy diet items that won’t dent the pockets too much? Thanks,

    – Jonathan

  2. Steve brings up a good point that I may not have covered or spoken of before. DL’s in a soft sole are a no-no, at least as much as possible, for a couple of reasons. The primary one being stability. When the weights are HEAVY, you need every bit of force transmitted down the structural columns, against the ground, and creating torque and momentum in the hips to squat or DL a very heavy thing that does not want to be moved from it’s position relative to the crust of the earth. As the muscles contract and exert force through the thighs and down the getaway sticks to the ground, any squishiness or wavering of the solid foot will prevent a full, forceful drive. In this case, the energy exerted against the ground will not be returned to the hips. Also, the lack of ankle support and the lateral instability in running shoes may end up causing a catastrophic failure if the ankle were to roll. It’s very akin to standing on a marshmallow or one of those goofy BOSU balls – the foot starts to wobble around and one bad movement means an air cast. So, a hard sole with as little give as possible is the ideal platform from which to push the ground away and successfully transmit force up the kinetic chain unimpeded. Vans, Converse, jail shower shoes, wrestling shoes, or bare feet work real well for this. The comfort level may not be top notch for your heels and over the long term lifting like this can cause a breakdown of the arch.

    In this case, I would HIGHLY (read “do it now”) recommend buying a pair of Oly lifting shoes. They are a very solid wood or composite sole with a non-marking creep rubber bottom, velcro closures to lock the foot in the shoe for no movement of the foot and the ankle, and a slightly raised heel. There are a couple schools of thought in regards to a raised heel. I lift 90% of the time in Oly shoes, but every once in a while I will go flat. Being totally flat puts a different empahsis on flexibility in the ankles, knee position and thereby hip and back position, whereas a raised heel allows the hips and back to get underneath the bar to a more vertical position due to the geometry going on at the ankles and knees. This can prove to be more stable and powerful for many people, myself included. If you are doing cleans and snatches, I would recommend lifting with Oly shoes on as much as possible. That being said, try to stay well rounded and do a little bit of lifting in everything…except a sassy tiger print thong.

    Oly shoes can be purchased for minimal amounts and last quite a while if you take care of them. If you are non-competitive Oly lift kinda person, you will get some major mileage/poundage out of them. Adidas and Nike make some expensive ones, but they are nice. Then Botev and Werksan, which can be midline price wise. More reasonable are the Do-Wins, VS Athletics, Risto, and Rogue weightlifiting shoes. Google them and search for the best prices or check Ebay. It is money well spent and I swear you will pull 10 more pounds the first time out of the gate. I’ve got a great pair of the older white VS shoes and they have been awesome for the past year and change. They are affordable enough these days that it’s a wise, long term investment for the serious athlete.

    Hopefully that response helps folks out with the reasons as to not pull, press or squat heavy weights in a squishy soled shoe. Of course, if you are doing a WOD with DL’s or another heavy barbell movement mixed in with running, then it is what it is, just be locked in tight. Most of the time, WOD’s won’t be running into the high percentages of 1RM where a small screw up can be a major disaster. For other WOD’s without running in them, the oly shoes can be worn the whole way through – box jumps, rows, pull ups, burpees, you can do it in an oly shoe. You can run in your Oly shoes, but you won’t look cool and I will ban you from my box as you run down the street like a kid with a turd in their pants…..

    Take care and stay strong out there!!!

  3. Buddy Holly

    “You can run in your Oly shoes, but you won’t look cool and I will ban you from my box as you run down the street like a kid with a turd in their pants…..” I didn’t run in my oly shoes and you banned me from the box…
    I purchased my do-win’s from Rogue and it was the best purchase I’ve made when it comes to Crossfit. Right out of the gate, my first DL with my oly shoes, I lifted 40lbs over my previous DL 1RM….

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