WOD 8/18/09


1 Mile Run

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Squats

1 Mile run

This WOD has been very highly requested as of late, so let’s do it! I would urge everyone to tackle it, whether it’s a half-Murph or the full version. Remember, CrossFit is scalable to everyone, so you can all do this! Lt. Murphy would routinely do this WOD, usually with full body armor on. It was nicknamed “Body Armor” for that reason. This is a Hero WOD, so put your heart and soul into it.

Lt. Michael Murphy was a highly educated and respected Navy SEAL team leader who was KIA in Afghanistan while on a mission in the Hindu Kush. Lt. Murphy’s team fell under heavy fire and suffered severe casualties from a position of disadvantage. In order to put out a radio transmission that would save his team and get a resuce team to their location, Lt. Murphy found a high point in the wide open and made his radio transmissions while being shot repeatedly by Taliban soldiers. The survivor of the incident, Marcus Luttrel, reported that Lt. Murphy was talking as calmly as if he were ordering a Happy Meal at the drive thru window, all the while being hit by AK-47 rounds. Lt. Murphy was gravely wounded but returned to the fight after he made his transmissions. It was a one way ticket and Lt. Murphy knew it when he crawled out into the open. Lt. Murphy’s efforts were successful, but unfortunately he passed away as a result of his actions. To lay down his life to preserve others – there is no greater sacrifice. In the course of the rescue, several other SEAL’s and Spec Ops personnel were killed, however, a handful were able to get out alive and recount the amazing heroism they witnessed that day.

Lt. Michael Murphy was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, being the first Navy SEAL to receive the honor since the Vietnam War. More information about the remarkable person Lt. Murphy was can be found here.


Lt. Michael Murphy - US Navy SEAL
Lt. Michael Murphy - US Navy SEAL

EDIT – Great video interview with Marcus Luttrel about the incident. I just stumbled upon it this morning. Check it out.

29 thoughts on “WOD 8/18/09

  1. Joe R

    The one survivor, Marcus Luttrel, wrote an amazing book about this occurrence which is titled “Lone Survivor”. Lt. Murphy was certainly a hero and well deserving of the Medal of Honor. Heroes too were the other three men on that team who were there with him, Dietz, Axelson and Luttrel.

    I would encourage any and all to buy and read “Lone Survivor” with an extra emphasis for any LE or Military personnel who may one day be faced with the reality of taking on armed men with hostile intent. To a man, each of these heroes were the epitome of “Fight to the death”. Each and every one of them was hit multiple times by 7.62x39mm rifle rounds, in the torso, extremities and in Axe’s instance, in the head, and yet each continued to fight until they were incapable due final actual death.

    These men were an example to every warrior about the absolute power of the will to live and the mental predetermination that unless killed immediately by hostile fire, you fight and fight to win.

    All were heroes, who fought for us. Thank you Murphy, Axelson and Dietz for what you gave for us. RIP. Thank you Mr. Luttrel for telling the story of four heroic men on that lone mountainside so far away.

    Dum spiramus tuebimur

  2. Buddy Holly

    This is going to be a tuff one, but a good one….The 630 crew needs to do the complete WOD, no scaled down version…We owe it to ourselves, Ian, Allison and Murph.

  3. Buddy Holly

    I want to do this WOD in one year:
    The video shows Matt Okonsky doing a workout consisting of 3 rounds for time of:
    1 Deadlift at 455lbs
    2 Muscle-ups
    3 Squat cleans at 250lbs
    4 Handstand pushups

  4. That WOD is called King Kong. Check the CrossFit video archives on the CF mainsite to watch Josh Everett do it like a walk in the park. I’ve done it with 350 and 185 and it was an ass kicker!

    Morning group just finished Murph and the times were smokin’! Awesome work to the morning crew!!!

  5. Deb

    Finished in 54 min and some change. All RX. Probably the hardest workout I’ve done so far, and I’ve been doing this for almost a year. As I was trying to drive home (shaking) the song “If Your Reading This” by Tim McGraw came on (about a soldiers letter home after being KIA). Was totally fitting and made me greatful for all the men and women who serve in the military or law inforcement. They make us safe and free to be able to do what we want to do, like this crazy CrossFit S*^$. Thanks All. Body tightening up now. I don’t think I’ll be good for a while.

  6. Buddy Holly

    “SMOKIN” = FAST, REALLY FAST! Myself on the other hand, I will not be “smokin”…I will be Chugg’n. “Chugg’n = moving slow but get’n er done!

  7. Deb- you did awesome! Jumped in, did it as RX’d, fought through it the whole way, and finished with a killer time!

    Times: “Lucky Beck”(70’s pornstar wannabe) 38:06
    Jeff-38:36, Trent & Jennie-39:05, Kristy-50:54, Deb-54:43

    don’t worry folks, we will be scaling this to everyones individual ability so it doesn’t make it a totally heinous experience but it’s still hard. Everyone will get through it, I promise!

  8. Mel

    I will be there. I will give it my all. I will be as scrappy as ever. The bigger the WOD, the bigger the attitude. May need a little encouragement though. Not sure about the mile book end runs.

  9. I wish everyone luck tonight. Ian will be there, while I am at home (not feelin to good). You will alll do awesome….make sure Ian get a good CD in and ready BEFORE you start. The poor am group had to do their pushups with no music, while I f’ed around with the music…sorry! I will be thinking of you guys and can’t wait for you to post your times. I will do this one sometime this week to “feel the pain”. I love all the comments today I am really starting to feel like a family…thanks guys! Have FUN!~Allison

  10. Brookess

    Thought about a comeback tonight – read this and thought “are you freakin kidding?” Not the night to start again…I’ll scale it back – WAY back! See you soon!

  11. Jon

    Yesterday I thought it a good idea to run 8 miles and then do the WOD. I was decently sore today, but nocked out a full Murphy in 43 min with some spare change. I may or may not be crying blood right now.

    Buddy Holly, I took your advice and hired a skinny long haired bitch kid to follow me around and punch me in the face (and dance around me) whenever I attempt to eat unhealthy. So far so good…

  12. Yeah Brooke, this would not make a good welcome back WOD. There’ll be others that may be a bit more friendly to work back into. We miss you around the box, but take care of business first. We’ll be here!

    Jon – you’re a madman! Awesome work for going at it after a long day yesterday!

  13. Wow…impressive times especially for the 10am class. “the wrecking crew” I wish I couldve been there for that one. I’ll have to do it once I get about 1 month of WOD’s back under my belt. By the
    time I make it back into crossfit it will have been 25 days. Arghhh. My mind and body are suffering.

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