WOD 8/20/09

5 Rounds

10 Single Arm DB Press (per side)

10 Single Arm Swings (per side)

10 Single Arm DB Snatch (per side)

10 Overhead DB Lunges (per side)

This is a different way to tax the system. I am going to make you work with a single arm extending a weight overhead in explosive and static manners to challenge stability. Each movement is 10 reps per side. So left, then right. Same for the swings. On the lunges, do 10 out with the DB in one hand, then switch hands and do 10 back.

Since most folks probably still aren’t feeling all that spiffy since Murph, I am not going to RX a weight for this. I would suggest to stay lighter than you think. 35 Lbs may be plenty for men and a bit less for the ladies. Still, you will need to be your own judge to determine this. Sometimes we need to step away from the “blanket RX” and use some more personal RX’ng of weights. If you are as fried as most from a hard workout like Murph, what you think is 100% is most likely around 75-80% on your normal days. In this case, going lighter to maintain form and power output is smarter.

Oh yeah, use chalk lest your grip gives out and you send a dumbell hurtling across the room like a medieval implement of destruction.

Thanks to all those that have donated to the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser. I truly appreciate it and  I know the recipients will appreciate it 10 fold. If you are planning on coming to the WOD on Sept. 26, either to watch or to participate, let us know at staff@crossfitcenturion.com. Wear your CFC colors and cheer on the participants. Keep on donating or we’re doing Murph again tomorrow!! 😉

Get some!

Janice L. - She keeps getting faster, fitter and stronger with every workout! Awesome!!
Janice L. - She keeps getting faster, fitter and stronger with every workout! Awesome!!

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