WOD 8/23/09


Sorry for the late post, I couldn’t log onto the site last night for some reason.

Here is a pretty funny video I found on CrossFit Balboa’s site.

If you have not had the chance to visit the CFB site, I strongly recommend you do so. John Welbourne is a former NFL lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. John got into CrossFit a couple years back, fell in love with it as a viable training methodology and enveloped himself in learning as much as possible about diet and fitness. From there, he opened CrossFit Balboa and created the CrossFit Football training program, both in conjunction with Max Mormont and CFHQ. John is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to diet and I regulalrly hit up his site to find interesting articles and reviews.  Check out the site when you get the chance. I have also placed a CFB link in the sidebar for your convenience.

Thanks for all of your hard work this past week. You guys and gals rock! We were very impressed to have thrown Murph at you and see everyone get through it. It made you stronger, physically and mentally. There is a tremendous amount of progress we are seeing in all of our clients, whether you all know it/see it. This stuff works and your efforts are paying off!

A big thanks to Rob and Badger, who bought some new Kettlebells and Muscle Clamps to use at the box! Tell them thanks for making your workouts more “enjoyable”!

Rob & Badger - They come bering gifts!
Rob & Badger - They come bearing gifts!

Get some rest. We will see you in the next evolution.

Janice B. - Pulling a solid 500m row.
Janice B. - Pulling a solid 500m row.

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