WOD 8/25/09

5×5 – Front Squat

Rest 5-10 Min.

AMRAP 12 Min

200m Sprint

12 Pull Ups

8 Manmakers (35/25)

Legs a bit tired from yesterday!? Of course, so we will do front squats today to move things around a bit. The vertical torso position will change the contributory role of the hamstrings in the squat, so we will be hitting more quads and glutes in this movement. Warm up light, go up to about 60% 1 RM, then jump up to 82 – 85-90% 1 RM if you are feeling good. Rest and then hit up some MetCon with my favorite movement, the Manmaker. Midline stability is key here, even when rotating to the sides for the rows. Get some!

Brian - Making it look easy
Brian - Making it look easy

15 thoughts on “WOD 8/25/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    I agree….20 minutes. I’m only going to get 3 rounds in 12 minutes….I need to be punished for yesterday’s insubordination…:)

  2. That’s a valid question that warrants a response. So here are some points.

    Remember, one of CrossFit’s tenets is the ability to “work over broad time and modal domains”. In other words, whatever time frame you encounter, you must be able to work hard in it. If we constantly train in the 20+ min category, we see a couple things start to happen. First being that we are now going back to training in a constanty, steady state (oxidative). That’s what we are trying to get away from in the fitness world and this is why CrossFit works. If we constantly go steady state, we make little ground in the long run, fry our CNS, blunts the body’s ability to properly recover and adapt, detracts from technical skills, and it becomes mentally burdensome (tell me you weren’t praying for Murph just to be done about halfway through).

    A longer WOD, especially if you know that is your WOD coming into it, will allow a person to find/select a comfort level and expend less energy working hard. This poses a problem in power output. If we are doing long WOD’s all the time our power production drops off pretty dramatically. It becomes a mental and physical sufferefest and leads to the aforementioned issues. Power (the ability to move large loads, long distances in a short time) is what we are after and we want to increase a person’s power output as this is what tells us if you are fitter or not. When the workload becomes too much, what should have been 10 reps each round is now 3 reps and a huge rest, 2 more, etc. This leads to a decreased power output and basically doesn’t do as much for your fitness. Hence the reason certain weights and time limits are RX’d.

    If we can harness the ability to move quickly from station to station, through the exercises for a short time period, people are more likely to work hard on a more continual basis and thereby increase power output. There is a time limit immediately in reach and it’s easier to work towards. The body is still able to execute fine motor skills and technique based work more efficiently and form stays together better.

    It’s been found that we are most benefitted in a high intensity program like CrossFit in the time domain under 20 minutes, and even moreso around 12-15 – this is in our DNA. All that being said, I do strongly recommend and believe that you should lift, squat, or press something heavy each week and that you do occassionally have to go LONG in the WOD’s, but not as much as people think. This is a necessity to adapt the body to stressors it would otherwise not face. If it doesn’t get those stressors in the WOD and it comes up in real life, you’ll quickly find out you can’t handle the workload demand placed upon the body as it has no mental or physical way to work through the stress.

    Lastly, on days where we have ME on the front end and MetCon on the back, we want the MetCon to be short, sweet, hard and not overly technical. Besides being physically demanding, heavy ME work will cook off the CNS and make the brain turn to mush as it tries to work through technical aspects of certain movements. This also keeps the WOD short. We will spend the most time and apply the most work while under the barbell. Cortisol levels start to rise, we are getting tired, and now would not be the good time to go long in a MetCon. This goes back to the bodybuilding concept of “lift for and hour then do 45 min of elliptical”. The body is awash in stress hormones and other reactions are taking place that nullify the hard work and anticipated gains you just put in on the front end. That never seemed to work right and we all wondered why.

    So in the end, longer is not always better (a good male self-confidence booster) and we need to stay varied. Times, workload, power outputs should be all over the board, that way our adaptation and fitness gains are not.

    Hopefully that answers some questions about the time domains and prescriptions I pick to work in at CFC. There is a method to my madness, I swear!

  3. Badger

    Ian- Great post, it explains alot.

    Please ignore Buddy, he is just a little excitable. He channels his energy much like a puppy channels his… by chewing your slippers and running around the yard until dinner time.

  4. Buddy Holly

    Well don’t I feel stupid. We are all Ian’s little kids and father knows best. That’s why we are here. Hahahaha…And yes, I am much like a puppy…hyperactive but loyal.

  5. Buddy Holly

    If T$ got 3 rounds and some change…I am in trouble…I am going to have to take my spinach before tonite’s WOD….I’m fueling up!!!

  6. Buddy Holly

    What Ian likes…..we like! Hahahahaha…and if we question what Ian likes…we do the exercise longer and harder….he’s the BOSS!

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