WOD 8/29/09

Skills and Drills

800m / 400m / 200m / 100m

We are going to tone the day back a bit with some running skill work and then some time trials at various distances. Rest for a few minutes between the runs, then get into the next one.

Once you are finished, work on Handstand Holds and then some midline stability work like Windmills or Turkish Get Ups.

Get some!

 Here is some cool footage of some VERY strong human beings.

3 thoughts on “WOD 8/29/09

  1. Will B. OneWorld

    just wanted to say thanks for the valuable advice on opening up a box of my own, it helped a lot. As it stands, my box is almost ready to open, finally, in Dublin, CA within approx 2 weeks or so. I’ll let you know when, so you’ll be aware of your standing invite to your second home if ever in the area.
    Can’t wait to get some up there in SAc with you and your crew again sometime soon. Maybe next time you can jump in and school me on what true fitness is.

    Stay safe brother. All my best to your family and you.


  2. Buddy Holly

    Ladies and Gentlemen…
    We have our work cut out for us….so in the next year..we need someone back squating 600lbs, front squating 400lbs, deadlifting 600lbs and benching 500lbs…Oh, I almost forgot, someone will need to throw a Yugo 50 feet. Hahahahaha…FREAKS of NATURE!!!

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