WOD 8/30/09


Rest and recover from a tough week. Get in some R&R as well as some stretching a rolling out.

We saw some crazy strong people moving around heavy weights yesterday, but what about bodyweight? Check out this stuff…

Not into the soundtrack, but the dude is crazy strong!

2 thoughts on “WOD 8/30/09

  1. how would somebody with his or similar ability fair in a CrossFit Games event? i’d imagine that his training regimen is pretty varied. that is just a VERY uneducated guess though. how DO these guys train? i can’t even get a muscle up. my ring dips suck. 🙂

  2. He’d probably do okay insofar as body control goes. However, I am sure his training is varied, but lacking in intensity and external loading. Therefore, it would be my bet that he’d fall prey to other folks who train specifically in a CrossFit fashion with multiple modalities executed at high intensity. He’s still freaky strong though!

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