WOD 10/1/09

5 Rounds

400m Run

15 DB Cleans (35/25)

12 Wall Ball (20/14)

Run for a while and then open the hip creating elevation on an object. This action will cause momentum & elevation in a pulling motion as well as a pushing motion. Good times!

Jennie, Kristy, The Scott and Trent - Mornings at CFC.
Jennie, Kristy, The Scott and Trent - Mornings at CFC.

WOD 9/30/09

“52 Pick Up from Hell”

A deck of cards will be your undoing. Draw a card from the deck. Whatever number value appears on the card is the number of reps of exercises to be done. The suit determines the movement. Face cards and Aces have special values. The movements and values are down below. Enjoy!

Diamonds – Sit ups

Spades – Push Ups

Hearts – Pull Ups

Clubs – Squats

Jacks – 11 reps

Queens – 12 reps

Kings – 15 Reps

Aces – 10 Burpees

Anyone out there like to gamble?

Eric B. - This guy is STRONG! 5x5 Back Squats at 315 for sets across.
Eric B. - This guy is STRONG! 5x5 Back Squats at 315 for sets across. Beautiful form!

WOD 9/28/09

20 Min AMRAP

7 Thrusters (95/65)

9 Ring Dips

11 GHD Sit Ups

Thrusters are full ROM, ass to ankles. If you can’t do ring dips, do elevated push ups instead. Put the feet up on a box and do them that way. Sub weighted AbMat sit ups for GHD sit ups if needed.


Some of you may have heard of Parkour, a form of free-running and gymnastics in urban environments. It’s pretty crazy stuff and with my accident prone luck, nothing I would be dabbling in at the moment. Still, some guys are REALLY good, like these Russian kids. Check it out and be in awe.

WOD 9/27/09


** I couldn’t wait, so the pix from the day are in the Photo Gallery! Check it! **

FGB IV is in the books. It was a great time at CFES with all the participating affiliates. A huge turnout of athletes and spectators made for a great event. A big thanks to CF East Sac and their whole crew as well as Roxie’s Deli for some tasty food!

Our CFC folks were there en masse and represented very well. Allison and I are incredibly proud of all of you for supporting each other and competing. If it weren’t for a year full of stupid luck, Allison and I would have been out there with you all. There’s always next year! We received many compliments on our turnout as well as the abiliities of our athletes! Awesome work to all of you!

The final count on the fundraiser is not done yet, but it looks to be around $18k for all of us who donated under our name and as part of CFES’ event. That’s huge! Imagine that on a similar scale all over the country and there should be some great money to be given to the charities. I can guarantee, you will not find an event, the people involved or the good times like this, all in the name of fitness, at your local globo gym!

Again, thanks for participating in this event, supporting each other and making CFC look good! You guys rock!! – Ian & Allison

The Centuriennes
The Centuriennes
The Centurions
The Centurions
The CFC Wrecking Crew
The CFC Wrecking Crew