WOD 9/2/09

5×5 – Deadlifts

Rest 5-10 Min

3 Rounds

500m Row

400m Run


"The Scott" - A typical fireman "hard at work" in paradise... ;)
"The Scott" - A typical fireman "hard at work" in paradise... 😉

“The Scott”, as we call him due to his infamy at CFC, has been with us for the past 10 months and is a great representation of “Fit” and “CrossFit” as it relates to his life and job. Scott was typical in his BB/Cardio training and lacked huge parts of the 10 General Physical Skills that define well rounded fitness. Over the course of  the past months, Scott has refined his diet to a Paleo standard, stayed as consistent as his job allows and busted his ass. The results prove such. He is an incredibly well rounded athlete, tells us his job as a fireman is easier, and has lost about 30 pounds. He is lean, mean, healthy, strong and fast! Nice work! Keep up the great work and stay safe, Scott!

I ride the fire guys pretty hard at CFC, but it’s all in good fun – after all this is a “blue house”. In reality,  they have a helluva tough job and have been there for me and the Thin Blue Line when we needed them. This is a tough time of year for firemen as the state typically goes up in flames and they are called to protect life and property anywhere in the state. It’s not easy and it sure as hell is dangerous, so give them a “Thank you” and plenty of respect when you get the chance. All of our CrossFit Centurion firemen are part of our family, and their fitness gained here is helping keep them safe out there. Our firemen make up a good chunk of our clientele and they are consistent and hard working, never turn away from a challenge and motivated. Stay strong and stay safe, guys!

Now go polish your trucks or something…..

One thought on “WOD 9/2/09

  1. scott shaughnessy

    Thanks for the plug on the blog. Thanks to you, Allison and CFC family I have been able to push myself mentally and physically well past traditional “Globo Gym” workouts. Thanks again. It was also good to Aaron, he set the tone for the metcon; at 11:29, I clocked in at 12:19. whew!

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