WOD 9/3/09

On the minute for 15 minutes perform:

3 Presses (60% 1RM)

3 Pull Ups

Do 3 Presses, do 3 Pull ups then rest until the next minute. Then do it again until 15 minute have elapsed. You will total out with 45 presses and 45 Pull ups. This is not for time other than the 15 minutes.

This is meant to be lower intensity than the past few days. You may sweat a bit, but the heart rate won’t get that high. You should feel more muscle fatigue then anything else. Angie, FGTC, and yesterdays WOD’s were pretty taxing. So, today we are going to go overhead, but work the shoulder in two different ways. The shouder girdle and triceps will move the weight from chest to overhead to a full lockout. The Pull up will activate the shouder girdle in the opposite motion with assistance from the biceps. This becomes a well rounded workout for people, however, you must scale into it correctly. I want folks to work hard, but not come to complete failure on the reps, even at the end.

I would load presses to about 50-60% of 1 RM. Most folks can do more than 60% for 3 reps, however, you are totalling out at 45 Reps. For pull ups, this workout is meant to develop the ability to do one for people who can’t, and for those who are pretty squared away with pull ups, you will be adding some external weight in the form of a DB between the ankles. Men can load 35 or so, women with good pull ups can go up to about 25 Lbs.

Each movement is meant to be very strict and clean. Full ROM. This means the bar starts below the chin, touching the chest and extends overhead until the arms are completely locked out over the rear of the ear. The bar travels back down to the top of the chest befor going up for the next rep. For pull ups, each rep WILL start from a dead hang, assisted or not, and will continue to complete chin over the bar position at the very least, or chest to bar for the hardcore. Come all the way back down to a dead hang and do it again. If either movement is not full ROM, you will be called on it by a trainer or you may take personal responsibility and re-do it yourself.

If at all possible, try not to kip. If you are used to doing jumping pull ups, you won’t be doing that today and will be on a band instead. It’s time to get strong and develop the proper movement pattern and strength needed for pull ups.

When finished, do some Farmer Carrys to realign the musculature and work the grip in a different plane.

Jon - Fighting to keep it locked out at the end of grueling WOD.
Jon - Fighting to keep it locked out at the end of grueling WOD.

6 thoughts on “WOD 9/3/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    Thanks be to God!!! Something that will not kill me….If Dad prescribed another brutal Met Com…I would have requested an ambulance be present just in case I needed to be resuscitated… I look forward to this WOD….

  2. Good WOD, did pullups with 35lbs, presses with 115lbs. I thought it wasn’t enough so we opted for short “Kelly” 3rds of 500m row, 30 box jumps, 30 wall balls. Bad choice, over 2 mins behind Jennie and jon. 16:48. Whew.

  3. Buddy Holly

    Rob is on break….come back in 1 hour!!!! I don’t know about a WOD, if we do a WOD…I think we should do “Tabata”….:)

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