WOD 9/11/09

Never Forget!
Never Forget!

3 Rounds

9 Burpees

11 Swings (55/35)

9 Pull Ups

11 Wall Ball (20/14)

9 Lunges (per leg)

11 DB Snatch (35/25) – per side

The time flies by – I remember exactly where I was on that day 8 years ago and how I felt. In honor of that day, we will be doing the above WOD. There are 3 rounds to signify the three planes and structures that were destroyed in the course of the terrorist attacks. The reps are obviously 9/11.

My eternal gratitude and appreciation go out to the 411 Public Safety personnel who perished on that day. 343 FDNY, 23 NYPD, 37 PAPD and 8 private EMS personnel died in the line of duty as they risked their lives to save complete strangers. That is called “valor” and “courage” and is the ultimate test of a person’s character.

Go hard, go fast, have pride and never forget!

**EDIT** I put the challenge up to “Team 10” to finish the WOD in exactly 9:11 for $20 out of my dirty little claws. Trent came DAMN close and faded in the last round to just miss it. Anyone else up for going really hard and fast for a chance at $20?

As a sidenote, Trent has been EN FUEGO the last few workouts. Yesterday he posted a blistering 10:50 and today came in at 10:2, all while using the 75 LB Kettlebell! Nice work – I see yet another potential CF Games 2010 challenger coming up!

4 thoughts on “WOD 9/11/09

  1. Ali

    It really sucked what happend that day for everyone, but can you imagine how this workout would have been if the date was December 29th…..
    My heart goes out to all the families that lost loved ones on this day….

  2. Buddy Holly

    Unfortunately, there are times in our lives that have a profound impact on our lives as a citizen, friend and family man /woman; 9-11 was one of those dates in time. Many of us witnessed, either in person or on television, those first responders, who without hesitation, rushed into harms way to save the citizens caught in this horrific attack. We also witnessed the tragic loss of innocent life.

    We owe our greatest respect and gratitude to those first responders and citizens who lost their lives on that day. We owe it to them to never forget! This is the number 1 reason we need to go faster and stronger!

  3. I remember 9/11/01 like yesterday…I just had graduated college and was living back at home. My mom woke me up and told me to get up and look at this….what a dramatic effect on the entire world. It made a lasting impression on me, so much, that I became a firefighter in 2008. So todays WOD I was gunning for 9:11 however, I settled for 11:13. Trent dominated at 10:22. We both were swinging 75lbs. Next time we are doing it with our turnouts on. Get some.

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