WOD 9/21/09

5×3 Squats

Rest 5-10 Min

800m Run  – rest 2 min

400m Run – rest 1 min

200m Run – rest 30 second

100m run – No rest

50 Burpees

We are giong to change the squats from progressive load increases up to your working weight, to “sets across” at 85% 1RM. So, do 5 reps at 50%, 3 reps at 60%, 2 reps at 70% and then load up the bar to 85% for  the working sets where you will stay for all five sets of 3 reps. This is hard work, so take your time in between sets and recover.

Finish up, rest and then go into the MetCon. You will run, rest a prescribed time, run again and then finish with some fun burpees!

Fight Gone Bad IV is coming up this Saturday! Come on out and fly the CFC flag. You can watch and/or compete. It will be an awesome time. If you haven’t donated, there is still plenty of time. If you have questions, contact Ian or Allison.

The 60 Day Paleo Challenge is one week in! How are you doing with it? Be true and be strict so you can see the true results. If you are not already doing it, I would highly recommned you maintain a food log either on paper or via www.fitday.com . The Fitday site allows you to set up a free account to track your intake and it then gives you a precise graph of food consumption at the end of the day. This is very helpful to dial things in, for yourself now and in the future and for me or Allison if you have concerns. If you have any questions about food choices, please contact us. Remember, money is on the line and you are accountable, so give it 110% !!!

WHOA! Who the hell is this guy??
WHOA! Who the hell is this guy??

8 thoughts on “WOD 9/21/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    Sunday, row’d 3000m in a little over 9 minutes and did 50 pull-ups…diet is in full swing. I have dropped 3.5 lbs since our weigh-in and 14lbs since starting my diet in conjuction with my crossfit workouts approximately a month ago. Only 14 more lbs until I get down to my desired weight.

  2. Evoc in the hizzie

    We went to the park and did this WOD. Marty flew through the run. Richard was on my tail, and Kelly is really starting to come into her own. Finished the burpees in under three minutes so felt good about that!
    I (Rick) personally took full advantage of the cheat day, with cheese bread, mochas, wine, and desert. Feelin it today, next week def considering a cheat meal instead! But after only 6 days, I am starting to see the abs, woot!
    HAPPY Anniversary Carvers! Loven you!
    Hey all Steph is chronicalling her Paleo adventure on the SSD Blog if you care to look or comment. http://www.ssdhealthandwellness.wordpress.com

  3. Badger

    Good job Buddy! U get that diet nailed and you will be unstoppable.

    I am changing gears and moving onto a muscle building regimen recommended by a buddy. A little anxious changing up something that has worked well for me, but no progress without change right?

    See you all tomorrow.

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