WOD 9/26/09


FGB is on for today, so come down and support not only the CFC crew, but fellow CrossFit athletes going hard to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Foundation and Athletes for a Cure. There is still time to donate on site or online, so DO IT!

If you aren’t coming down, take the day off and recover. It’s gonna be hot as hell, so stay hydrated, or if you have been in the box all week, rehydrate!

CFC will be closed all day, so NO CLASSES on 9/26/09!!

I am always one for good humor, so if you are in need of some laughs check out Dan Silver’s site – www.theartofdansilver.com . Dan is an old school CrossFitter and part of the Thin Blue Line in the Bay Area. Dan writes some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. Besides his regular columns, my personal faves are “The Martial Art of Dan Silver” and “Tonyaquotes”. Dan’s pretty honest in his opinion and doesn’t sugar coat anything, so if you are easily offended, go elsewhere.  

See you tomorrow!

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