WOD 9/27/09


** I couldn’t wait, so the pix from the day are in the Photo Gallery! Check it! **

FGB IV is in the books. It was a great time at CFES with all the participating affiliates. A huge turnout of athletes and spectators made for a great event. A big thanks to CF East Sac and their whole crew as well as Roxie’s Deli for some tasty food!

Our CFC folks were there en masse and represented very well. Allison and I are incredibly proud of all of you for supporting each other and competing. If it weren’t for a year full of stupid luck, Allison and I would have been out there with you all. There’s always next year! We received many compliments on our turnout as well as the abiliities of our athletes! Awesome work to all of you!

The final count on the fundraiser is not done yet, but it looks to be around $18k for all of us who donated under our name and as part of CFES’ event. That’s huge! Imagine that on a similar scale all over the country and there should be some great money to be given to the charities. I can guarantee, you will not find an event, the people involved or the good times like this, all in the name of fitness, at your local globo gym!

Again, thanks for participating in this event, supporting each other and making CFC look good! You guys rock!! – Ian & Allison

The Centuriennes
The Centuriennes
The Centurions
The Centurions
The CFC Wrecking Crew
The CFC Wrecking Crew

13 thoughts on “WOD 9/27/09

  1. scott shaughnessy

    Good crew representation….Im sure everyone put forth a super effort. I wish I couldve been there to throwdown. 2010 will be “the” year for CFC.

  2. Buddy Holly

    Next Year…Next Year…We’ll represent and we’ll represent at our house! I just want to say thank you guys for all the words of encouragement…..I didn’t hear much because I was sucking so much air. I think I created a vacuum around me…. P.S. I AM SORE!

  3. Mel

    Congrats to all those who participated in FGB. Would have liked to have been there. There’s always next year. Aliison and Ian, a belated Happy Anniversary. Hopefully I’ll be at class tomorrow and that I get reacquianted with Paleo soon. Somehow he missed the flight to Europe.

  4. jennie

    Ian, Thank you very much for taking and posting those pics. We will be sharing them with our family and friends 🙂 Trent and I had a great time and we will definitely partricipate next year.

  5. Parsha

    What a great Charity Event… nice turnout! For those who participated, I’m in awe of your strength and determination you put out yesterday… you should be incredibly proud of yourself! Ian & Allison… I loved watching you coach not only for your Centurion Team, but for everyone! You both are true leaders! Well done everyone, well done!

  6. Eric B.

    Miste and i are proud to be a part of CFC. For those who were able to attend FGB, YOU ROCK! I will be there next year! See ya’ll soon!!
    Eric & Miste

  7. Badger

    CFC represented! It was nice putting a face to the names for our daytime crew. Sally, Deb, Kristy, Trent and Jennie didn’t disappoint with some serious effort. Now I know why I see all those firebreather times on the board when I come in.

    Trish rocked it for only being a few months into CF.

    Rob and Wayland represented the late crew in true 6pm fashion: alot of hard work and even more smack talking. 🙂

    I had a great time… I’ll store the pom-poms next year and step up to the plate. 😉

  8. Tricia

    Definitely a great day and great experience!
    The CFC crew was definitely the loudest – I could hear you all the way while sucking wind! What a great team!

    Huge thanks to Ian & Allison for coaching from warm up to finish – awesome support. Its amazing how you can hear that “little” Ian voice in your head pushing you through the pain!!
    CFC definitely rocked with the best forms overall!

    I’m with Jennie on the photo-shopping the facials though — family had a good chuckle over the grimace 🙂

    See EVERYONE there next year!

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