WOD 9/28/09

20 Min AMRAP

7 Thrusters (95/65)

9 Ring Dips

11 GHD Sit Ups

Thrusters are full ROM, ass to ankles. If you can’t do ring dips, do elevated push ups instead. Put the feet up on a box and do them that way. Sub weighted AbMat sit ups for GHD sit ups if needed.


Some of you may have heard of Parkour, a form of free-running and gymnastics in urban environments. It’s pretty crazy stuff and with my accident prone luck, nothing I would be dabbling in at the moment. Still, some guys are REALLY good, like these Russian kids. Check it out and be in awe.

5 thoughts on “WOD 9/28/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    I laugh at Parkour…HAHAHA!! Try drinking 12 gluten-free beers…Spin in a circle for a minute…followed by trying to walk a straight line….now that is talent. All kidding aside, these guys are crazy. The body is not meant to do that…Ouch!!!

  2. Rick

    Did I mention I was sitting on my surfboard Saturday, and a freakin Loon swam underneath and bit me? Seriously! This wod was a shoulder fry! 25# DB’S and elevated push-ups! 16 rounds-o-happiness! I will be the guy wearing a helmet to CFC do not be alarmed!

  3. Ryan

    Crazy stuff. Look how run-down the old Soviet Union is with all of its abandoned buildings. Nothing like a state-run economy! Although, come to think of it, it looks like Detriot.

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