9 thoughts on “WOD 9/29/09

  1. Badger

    My bus just pulled into Soresville* from yesterday. This should be quite fun.

    *Sore as in muscle stiffness, not abscesses. Just thought I would put that out there.

  2. Evoc in the hizzie

    We threw in towers instead of the runs in between each set. This Paleo stuff must be working felt “light” on the tower/runs, really good overall.
    We have been doing our best to follow the grand-poopa of programming. Imagine that it might be working!!!!!!!! Again Richard, Digs, and Kelly had impressive finishes!

  3. Buddy Holly

    Ali…I looked for the knee brace…Sorry, bro…Don’t know what I did with it. But if you have something wrong with your elbow…I got stuff.

  4. Pete

    No pull up bar, no rings so I subbed pu’s with #50 push press. any other ideas for subbing pull ups? Approx. 16 minutes. I don’t have a fancy big clock like you do. Hahaha……

  5. scott shaughnessy

    14:24 with 95lbs…..Weak output though….too much resting between sets. Trent and Jennie blasted through the WOD. I shouldve been around 13:00. Next time it will be better.

  6. Stephwalla

    Everyone likes a fancy big clock….I know I do!

    10:18 w/45#

    Shaun: 13:45 85#SDLHP/ 65#OHS

    Oh, and those 4 rounds of thirty seconds of plank hell…..Shaun held on for 1:45

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