WOD 10/4/09


OK, we are almost 4 weeks into our Paleo Challenge – halfway down. If you are staying strict, now is the time where you will start to see some changes. You should be past the gnawing hunger pangs and into a process of fat utilization due to the hormonal balance becoming restored in the body. Your energy levels should be coming back up, workouts going a bit smoother, and body composition starting to change. Notice I did not say anything in here about losing weight. You should lose some, but it is of less concern than how clothes fit and overall health and performance improves. The scale is a poor indicator of proper diet and body composition.

If you are not being strict, then you have no one to blame but yourself. I don’t want to hear how you fell off the wagon and are bummed out now. It’s your choice – cut the carb and sugar umbilical cord and gain some self control and accountability. Nothing good ever came without some hard effort, so put the time in to reap the rewards.

Our programming at CFC will start to gravitate towards some more strength work. Winter time is a good time to increase your absolute strength, which in turn increases your relative strength. What does this mean? An improvement in heavy 1-3RM lifts will greatly benefit your overall fitness and MetCon training. Don’t fret, we won’t be doing away with MetCon stuff, we will just be putting more ME stuff back onto the front end of the WOD’s. So, pay attention to detail and the technical aspects of the barbell lifts as they are great for developing fitness and also for tweaking you if you don’t stay dialed in.

If you wish to get some barbell time in, prior to or after a class, please feel free to do so. This is usually not a problem if we are on-site to supervise and program the workout for you and you are not in the way or using equipment needed for another training session. It’s your gym, so use it as much as you can when possible!

It appears we may have a new neighbor moving into the formerly vacant space next to CFC. Please take note of this and try not to park in front of his roll up or rear access doors if you choose to park in the back of the complex. Feel free to use the first 3 stalls in front of the CFC roll up door, but leave the rest to the left open. There is a TON of parking in the rear parking area of the business complex as well as on the street. Thanks for the cooperation!

Also, we wish to welcome some new faces in the box. Keith, Paul J., Simon, Sean, Sally and Steven are all coming in for group sessions. Please say “HI” to them if you have not met them before and make them feel at home. In the process of finishing up the On-Ramp Class are Casey and Paul B. Also give them a welcome when you get the chance – you will be seeing more of them in the near future.  

If you have friends who want to try CrossFit, please let them know they can attend a free class, usually on Saturday mornings. If they wish to join from there, they must take the Fundamentals Course or the much more in depth and highly recommended On-Ramp Course. The next On-Ramp Course will be starting on October 12th, so for anyone interested, they need to sign up ASAP to reserve a spot.

Things are going well at CFC and we wish to thank all of our clients for your support and friendship. Thanks for making this a great place to train and hang out!

Now, go rest!

Simon and Paul J. hammering out the swings.
Simon and Paul J. hammering out the swings.

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