WOD 10/7/09

5×5 – Push Press

Rest 5-10 Min

20 DB Split Snatch (10/leg) (35/35)

20 Pull Ups

16 DB Split Snatch

16 Pull Ups

12 DB Split Snatch

12 Pull Ups

ME Push Press on the front end and MetCon on the back end. Remember the following tips for the push press.

1) The bar must rest on the shoulders. A partial front rack position is required to put the bar in this position. Why does it need to be resting on the shoulders? If held in a normal press grip, the momentum created by the “dip & drive” will be lost in the arms. If the bar rests on the shouders, the energy is transmitted directly through the body via the hip and into the bar. The bar is driven off the shoulders by the energy from the “dip & drive” and the arms add a small amount of drive as the bar drives upward.

2) The dip is short and fast. If it is long and slow, the elasticity and energy return of the muscles is blunted and you will not have that “snap” you need to get the hips opened up quickly. You dip into your heels and drive the energy back into the hips from the heels. You reach triple extension and may have a small rise to the toes as the bar begins it’s upward travel. Drive it up, lock it out and settle the feet back onto the ground completely.

3) The dip must be vertical. Any angular displacement in the torso will push the bar up and out at an angle. This is not a favorable action when driving a weight overhead that has the potential to squish you or someone else like a bug.

4) Do not “mute” the hip. This means the torso and femur are in line when you dip. In essence you would be dipping while leaned back to some minor degree. If you do this there is no energy return out of the hip. Instead, keep the torso and hips as completely seperate elements during the dip. This “Muted Hip” tends to happen when you are tired or under heavy loads. This is due to the fact the elbows will drop and/or you will try to support the bar across the top of the chest instead of the shoulders. This means you will usually lean back a bit to get the chest under the bar and set yourself up for a crappy dip and drive.

Ready, steady, GO!

Parsha - Making use of the environment to provide sustenance
Parsha - Functional, Primal fitness in the real world.

CrossFit truly is a functional fitness system. The reason this stuff works is that many of the movement patterns mimic those found in daily activity and/or they are movements that prepare us for daily activity and contigency plans for dealing with life or death situations that we may find outselves in. This type of activity is part of our DNA – it is what and how our Paleolithic ancestors made it through their lives. In the picture above, Parsha shows us her functional fitness prowess as put to use to provide a form of liquid sustenance while under the searing sun of the Cayman Islands. Note that Parsha has risked her safety in the wilds of this tropical environment and has ventured out to find a makeshift object to complete the task at hand, just like our Paleo ancestors would have done! Truly remarkable. Parsha was able to open the beverage container and was able to make it safely back to Sacramento due to her swift, decisive action under duress. Proof that CrossFit works!

4 thoughts on “WOD 10/7/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    Dad are you all right? The WOD looks decievingly simple…hmmmm. I’m scared! Hey, it looks like Parsha is pouring out some beer for her Crossfit homegirls…thats how we roll at CFC. GOTS 2 REMEBERZ R CRU!!!

  2. Badger

    What has two thumbs, one shoulder and no legs?

    This guy. 😛

    Have fun without me… going to the speaker on the Mt Everest expedition tonight at REI.

  3. Parsha

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures! Especially when you’re traveling with thirsty girls like Jean, Athena, and Sally!! The pressure can be intense when the demand is high! Thank goodness Crossfit keeps me in check!

    Thanks Ian for Tuesday’s WOD support… if you didn’t run with me, I probably would have walked… you kept me motivated and I can’t thank you enough for that!

    And Trish… I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… I’m working towards your legs!! 🙂

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