WOD 10/12/09

“Runny Angie”

200m Run

100 Pull Ups

200m Run

100 Push Ups

200m Run

100 Sit Ups

200m Run

100 Squats

This makes it interesting. If you are able to, do it as a 2 person team. So, double the numbers of each movement and the run. Each person must still do 200m runs and 100 of each movement, however you can partition the movements with your partner how you like. One person may rest/recover while the other goes. This will turn the WOD into an interval based workout, so power output will stay higer.


Eric, Miste, Brian, Jimmy & Jeff - Mornings at CFC
Eric, Miste, Brian, Jimmy & Jeff - Some of the morning crew

5 thoughts on “WOD 10/12/09

  1. Stephwalla

    Really? This is the WOD? WTF! We love u, work our asses off and you spank us? Gotta tell you….Bring it master! We will rock u! Hehe!

  2. Pete

    That was a good one. Took me a while, but I finished it. Just had to sub pull ups with push press since i have no bar. IT’s all good.

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