WOD 10/16/09

15 Pull Ups
1 Push Press (115/85)
13 Pull Ups
3 Push Press
11 Pull Ups
5 Push Press
9 Pull Ups
7 Push Press
7 Pull Ups
9 Push Press
5 Pull Ups
11 Push Press
3 Pull Ups
13 Push Press
1 Pull Up
15 Push Press

Flexion and extension of the shoulder via a couple different movements. Dip and drive hard and fast into the heel of the feet for the push press. Full lockout overhead. Pull Ups are full extension at the bottom, and chin over at the top.

Get on it!

5 thoughts on “WOD 10/16/09

  1. JeffP

    After a meek start to the week, Scott finished with a vengance crushing all of us with a 7:48. The man is back! I smell a fran-off sometime next week…

  2. Trent

    Jeff, I think that smell isn’t a Fran-off but rather a byproduct of Scotts celltech. He’s about 2 weeks away from purple shorts and green skin. I can’t compete with monsters such as you guys anymore!

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