WOD 10/19/09

Deadlifts – 5×3

Rest 5-10 Min.

2 Full Gassers
Rest 2 Min between each

2 – 1/2 Gassers
Rest 1 Min. between each

2- 1/4 Gassers
Rest 30 sec. between each

Deadlifts on the front end – five sets of 3 reps (yes, I know I write it out incorrectly/backwards). Run sets across at 90% of 1 RM. Warm up at 5×50%, 3×60%, 2×70% then load and go.

Things are getting heavy, so lock in and stay tight. Big chest, tight across the shoulder girdle, low back in extension and drive up off of the heels. The key with sets across is proper loading. You want the work sets to be hard. The last couple reps should be a bit of a grind, however, you should not come to failure on you sets. If you do fail, you want it to be on the last couple reps of the last set. Any earlier and you know you loaded over the top and blew up early. If you blow up, you end up stripping plates too early and working at a lower intensity, volume and power output than you should/could have. Finish the deads, then rest and then go into the MetCon.

A “Gasser” is an out and back series of sprints. 1 full Gasser = sprint 50m, turn and sprint back 50m, do it again and come back in. It is basically four 50m Sprints, point to point. A half gasser is two 50 meter sprints and the quarter gasser is a single 50m Sprint. Good times!

Not to be a downer, but I do want to remind folks to please be on time to the training session you plan on working out in, be it a normal class or the On Ramp Class. We are running a very tight schedule and need to move from one class into the next as seamlessly as possible so the next group is not held up. If you are going to be late or a “no show” to a specialized time schedule, please call Allison or I.   Besides other clients, we have personal and family issues that can be attended to, if and when time permits. Some people have gone out of their way to attend particular class times and we have made specific changes to our work and family schedule to accommodate folks, so lets all work together on this please. Nothing is ever perfect, we understand that, just please keep us in the loop so we know what’s up if we are expecting you.


~ Osiris ~
~ Osiris ~

3 thoughts on “WOD 10/19/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    Ian looks pissed! I probably did something that day…it’s not uncommon for me to get that non-verbal expression from people….especially Ian! 🙂

  2. Started the CFC strength program today with Jon. Press;5@95, 3@115, 2@135, 3×5@150. Squats;5@155, 3@185, 2@225, 5×5@240(i did 2 sets at 235), DL;5@185, 3@235, 2@265, 1×5@315. Saturday metcon; 5rds even. Jon did 5 and 1/2 rds. Yeah. Beastmaster.

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