WOD 10/21/09

5×3 – Push Jerk

Rest 5-10 Min.

5 Rounds

7 ManMakers (35/25)
11 Wall Ball (20/14)  

Push Jerk ME up front – 5 sets of 3 reps. This movement is technical in nature and as such, good form and technique is tantamount. If you are still learning this movement and honing the pattern, I would strongly suggest loading light and making progressive loads to a manageable weight for a couple of sets. Skill and form trump heavy weight thrown overhead with crappy movements. If movement is crap, the proper motor patterns are not created, adaptation is blunted, and the likelihood of a very heavy steel object falling on your head increases dramatically. None of those are cool…

If you are dialed in on Jerks, please load progressively and top out at about  88-90% 1 RM for a couple of working sets. You must be fast and aggressive! High elbows, bar on the shoulder, vertical torso and weight in the heels. The bar needs to stay in contact with the body in the dip & drive in order to transfer the highest amount of energy from the body into the bar. You must then be very quick and push yourself under that bar as fast as possible or gravity will take over. Lock out the shoulders and arms solidly. If you fail twice in succession at a weight, you are done. Drop down to a lighter weight (10% decrease) and work the movement for the sake of it.

Rest up and then hit the MetCon for a short, high impact way to brighten your day!

Sky - Working a heavy front squat
Sky - Working a heavy front squat

3 thoughts on “WOD 10/21/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    Brutal…you guys have fun. I’ll miss you guys. I’m going to do the crossfit wod when I get home….after all you can eat wings at Hooter’s….

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