WOD 10/24/09


1000m Row
20 Sit Ups / 20 Push Ups
18  Sit Ups / 18 Push Ups
16  Sit Ups / 16 Push Ups
14  Sit Ups / 14 Push Ups
12  Sit Ups / 12 Push Ups
10  Sit Ups / 10 Push Ups
8    Sit Ups / 8 Push Ups
6    Sit Ups / 6 Push Ups
4    Sit Ups / 4 Push Ups
2    Sit Ups /  2 Push Ups
800m Run

Mmmm-mmm, tasty!


5 thoughts on “WOD 10/24/09

  1. Rick

    So, I had my 25 year reunion last night. Wow some people seriously change in 25 years. Most of these 43 year olds look like crap! Seriosuly! I have always worked out some way or another, but in the last few years since switching gears to CFC programming I have become stronger, faster, and leaner, then ever. These last few weeks of relatively strict Paleo eating have leaned me out even more. Not to blow butterflies up my own butt, but I looked better than well everyone, sans hair of course. CFC offers a mind set and program to excel at life. CFC is producing some amazing humans, I must have told 50 people about cross-fit and CFC. Ian, Ali, thank you for making us all a bit better at being human, a little better prepared. We test our bodies and minds at your box, and grow and grow. 43.! I feel fricken great! Rick

  2. Thanks for the props, Rick. We appreciate your support, friendship and patronage. I am glad we can make apositive impact on your life as well as those of others.

    25 years?! Damn, time flies!! How many people were all freaked out by the sleeves and ink?

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