An Excuse for Inconsistency

All too often I hear about how bad people want to get fit, get healthy, eat better, etc. yet fail to realize the ball is always in their court. I try and be polite and give them a “soft” answer, but it seems as though it may just be better to drop the truth on their toes. So, here goes….

It is my belief that there is no valid reason for not starting or follwing through with a task right here, right now. I get plenty frustrated when clients come to us and complain that they aren’t seeing results. Well, I know for a fact that the program works. I have seen it in action over and over. It’s in our DNA, our genetic coding and we are tapping into that by what we do at at the CrossFit box. CrossFit, a proper diet, and strength training WILL work for anyone, as long as you are consistent. So there is the rub – consistency. I ask the same person how often they’ve come in over the past month and I get a lame reply of maybe three visits. So, what do you expect then? Then they want to roll visits over to the next month. Why? So you can miss those too?

I can’t work miracles and without some form of self-discipline and consistent effort, nothing at all is going to happen on that type of workout schedule. At least nothing good. By coming willy-nilly you are always taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. We can’t create any gains or adaptation by working in this manner and we open the door for injury and other concerns. Besides spinning your wheels insofar as getting fitter and healthier, one of the big issues is obviously the psychological derailment that occurs when results aren’t being seen, despite your “workout routine”. It’s not routine and it sure isn’t a workout. To join a CrossFit affiliate and spin your wheels does nothing for you or the hard earned reputation of gym. I guess you can say you do CrossFit – occassionally – but that’s about it. Can you say you are a good ambassador for CrossFit as a fitness program and your gym? If you are consistent, you probably can. If not, then please turn your CF T-shirt inside out while out on the town.

For the coaches in a CrossFit gym the situation is just as frustrating. We want to give you all of our time, attention and effort, but if it’s being wasted and is hit and miss, we won’t bother. At some point it’s just pointless. It’s just like the client who refuses to listen to the coaching cues we give them to make them fitter, faster, stronger, and healthier. Some folks just flat out refuse to listen due to being stubborn or chasing a fast time with crappy form. We can “no rep” them, make them start over, re-hash proper form and function, whatever, it just doesn’t phase them. So, in the end we just quit wasting our breath and make sure they don’t get hurt during your workouts. We move onto the other folks who are listening intently and applying what we are telling them. Same goes for the folks who make a concerted effort to be in the gym, ours or anyone elses, on as regular a basis as they can muster. If they are there, I know they are serious about achieving their goals and they have our undivided attention.

I am well aware that we are all adults and life does in fact get in the way. We are all tired, stressed, sore, mourning a dead dog or scared of the workout.  Yeah, okay…so? Join the club.

We have a lot of firemen in our box and they surely have a screwed up schedule. But, I also know many of them are very regular about making it in on their off days and then supplementing workouts at their station houses on their work days. A couple of those guys are beasts due to their efforts at CFC and on their own. Everyone has a screwy schedule and major time constraints and commitments from time to time (I am the king of that realm), but it’s a matter of making it happen if it’s really that important to you.  

Be honest with yourself and think about it. If you are not going to be consistent, is it worth the money and wasted effort? We really don’t want to hear how “nothing is working” when a client shows up once in a blue moon and can’t stay true to a Paleo or Zone diet for more than one day. Don’t tell me about it – I’ll just smile and walk away.

Everyone has excuses. The difference is whether you use them as a way out or ignore them and work on improving yourself. The choice is yours. Time is ticking by, so use it wisely and to your advantage and remember, if you work for me, I will work harder for you!

Get strong, get fit, get healthy… NOW!