WOD 11/16/16

As most of you can tell, our old website is dead. The web service we used and trusted for years dropped us out of the blue and won’t help us restore our page. That being the case, we are returning to using my old WordPress blog site as our website until we get something figured out. This site is pretty basic but it works. It isn’t showing up properly on iPhones, so something’s not optimized for mobile devices, but it will still show the WOD and other info, it will just look super generic. Until we get things streamlined, I will post the WOD/gym info here and on our Facebook page.

Our email is now back up and running. It was also linked to our site and when it went down, so did our email with all of important docs included. Thanks to Chris Planow, we have resurrected the email as well. If for some reason you don’t get a response or your emails get kicked back, please send or CC them to crossfitcenturion@gmail.com.

As you can imagine I am pissed and disappointed. This affects our business in more ways than one. Thanks for your patience as we slowly get things back to normal.


3 Rounds

200m Row
20 Flutter Kicks
10 Push Ups


Push Press – 5×4 +1 Jerk


800m Run
9 Pwr. Clean (155/105)
500m Row
15 Pwr. Clean (135/95)
400m Run
21 Pwr. Clean (95/65)


800m Run
9 Pwr. Clean (185/155)
500m Row
15 Pwr. Clean (155/105)
400m Run
21 Pwr. Clean (135/95)


5m Rolling Out

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