WOD 12/2/16


400m Jog, then:

3 Rounds

7 Pull Ups
10 Stiff Leg DL (45)


Sumo Deadlift – 5×2



50 Double Unders
10 Clean to Thruster (115/85)
200m Run



50 Double Unders
10 Clean to Thruster (145/105)
200m Run


2m Superman Plank
1m Cobra Pose


CFC’s Member of the Month

Name: Benjamin Gil

Age: 32

How long have you been doing CF?
Since 2008, about 8 years on and off.

What made you join?

When I went through the Sheriff’s Academy, we did CrossFit as our Physical Training (PT).

What changes have you seen since you started?

I’m definitely fitter and leaner; I have lost approximately 45 pounds.  My explosive power has increased dramatically. ** Ben took about 18 months off from CFC for work and family commitments. He came back about 6 months ago and has lost 45 Lbs since being back on a dedicated and consistent schedule!!! **

Advice for new CrossFitters?

Stick with it, learn the basics (form over lifting heavier weights), and don’t give up. It’s going to be hard, you’re going to want to quit but remember life is hard and change never comes easily. You got to fight for it, give it 100% and you will see results.

What is your favorite movement?

Clean and Jerk

What is your favorite WOD?


Least favorite movement?

Ring Dips/Hand stand push-ups.

Least favorite WOD?

Karen (150 Wallballs)

Favorite cheat meal?

Pulled Pork Mac N’ Cheese

What do you enjoy doing outside the gym?

I love to duck hunt and just hang out with my wife and son.

What is one fun fact about you?

I only have one kidney, so if your blood type is B+ I may need to hit you up later. J

What inspires you?

My family, I want to teach my son by example. Showing him never to give up and always give it your all.

Add a little background info about yourself:

I grew up in the bay area until I was 16 then moved up to Placerville. I went to community college to become a dental hygienist as my most of my family is in that profession, but soon realized I would hate it. Later I put myself through the Sheriff’s Academy and the rest is history

CFC Sweatshirts

We will be placing an order of CFC sweatshirts in the next couple of weeks. These will be black unisex hoodies with “Strong People Are Harder to Kill” on the front and our eagle crest on the back. They will be $50 each and the order will go in on 12/15 (I doubt they’ll be ready by Xmas). These are pre-order only, so if you want one you must sign up for one on the log sheet on the front counter. Once the order goes in, you won’t be able to get one at CFC. Get on it!

War of the Centurions

After a short hiatus, the CFC in-house comp is back! The War of the Centurions will take place on 1/21/17 at CFC and is for CFC members only! There will be 3 categories – Intermediate, RX, and Masters!

Registration is $50 and will get you into the event, a shirt, some swag, and a kick ass time! Registration will be up at the front counter and will be open until 1/1/17. Make sure you register by then to take part in a great event!

For more info, please contact Coaches Kevin or Nicole!untitled-1

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