WOD 12/5/15


3 Rounds

250m Row
15 AIr Squats
10 Stiff Leg D/L (45)
5 Ring Rows


Front Squat – 4×2



Pull Ups
Snatch (95/65)



Bar Muscle Up
Snatch (135/95)


2m Hamstring/leg
1m Squat Position


I love women who CrossFit. Not only are they strong, well put together, and attractive, they destroy the stereotypes and preconceived notions of what women can/should do in the gym or how they should look. Regardless of age, ability level, or background, a motivated woman is a coaches treasure. She will pay attention, do what is asked, look for feedback, and change her life with renewed confidence and self-appreciation. Watching a female athlete climb a rope, lift heavy stuff beautifully, or do pull ups like a champ makes me smile. Here’s to Caroline, Staci, and Megan and all of you ladies out there taking on the “impossible” in the gym and in life! You control your mind and your destiny, not the other way around!

Mobility Class

Coach Nic has Mob Class this Thursday at 530 PM! Be there and get loose!!!

Lacrosse Balls

In order to make Coach Nic’s Mob Class more fun, we’ve purchased more Lacrosse balls. The balls are marked with CFC on them and are NOT to be taken from the gym for any reason. We’ve lost a ton of them over the past few months and we are tired of it. If you have taken one, please find it and return it. Thank you!


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