WOD 12/6/15


1000m Row
20 Push Press (45/35)
10 Deadlifts (45/35)


10m EMOM

2 Full Snatch

** Small increases each round if possible **


4 Rounds

500m Row
15 Swings (55/35)
30 Air Squats


4 Rounds

500m Row
15 Swings (70/55)
30 Air Squats


2m L Hang or L Sit

** Scale with knee tuck hold **

Triple extension!! Courtesy of Jackie!

The Great CFC Sweatshirt Controversy 0f 2016

In light of the recent controversy about the upcoming batch of CFC sweatshirts, I have provided an explanation of the entire matter HERE.

Hopefully this clears some concerns up and puts the matter to rest.

Mobility Class

Coach Nic has Mob Class this Thursday at 530 PM! Be there and get loose!!!

Lacrosse Balls

In order to make Coach Nic’s Mob Class more fun, we’ve purchased more Lacrosse balls. The balls are marked with CFC on them and are NOT to be taken from the gym for any reason. We’ve lost a ton of them over the past few months and we are tired of it. If you have taken one, please find it and return it. Thank you!


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