WOD 12/9/16


400m Jog, then:

3 Rounds

7 Pull Ups
10 Stiff Leg DL (45)


Sumo Deadlift – 4×2


Partner Workout

400m Run
Box Jumps
Push Ups

** 1 Partner starts with the 400m Run. At the same time, the other partner start in on the reps.When the runner returns, they switch roles and partner 2 picks up at the rep count where left off **


Partner Workout

400m Run
Box Jumps
Ring Dips


2m Superman Plank
1m Cobra Pose


Get registered! This is a CFC only comp and it’s a blast! We have some great prizes already in store from Northern Spirit, King Kong apparel, and Spikeball, so far with plenty more to come! Reg info is on the front counter along with volunteer sign-up!

Lacrosse Balls

In order to make Coach Nic’s Mob Class more fun, we’ve purchased more Lacrosse balls. The balls are marked with CFC on them and are NOT to be taken from the gym for any reason. We’ve lost a ton of them over the past few months and we are tired of it. If you have taken one, please find it and return it. Thank you!


If you’re in the market for a good pre workout supplement, CFC now carries this badass stuff- Vaper. Loaded with BCAA’s and electrolytes and just enough caffeine to get you going without being spun out, this stuff works and tastes great! $64.99/container gets you some!!


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